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This online course teaches essential leadership skills to help learners stand out as leaders among their peers. The coursework discusses the theories of leadership and offers real-world practical explanations and definitions. Throughout five segments, learners will explore questions such as: What is leadership, and why is it important? How does a leader encourage change without triggering fearful resistance? What are the key elements to leading an effective team? What is the role of charisma in leadership? How can a leader achieve work-life balance? The self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, case studies, and self-assessments that engage students and provide opportunities to practice leadership skills. Topics covered in the course: ?—? Introduction to Leadership ?—? Body Language for Leaders ?—? Leading Teams ?—? Leading and Managing Change ?—? Leaders and Work-Life Balance Download the complete syllabus with learning outcomes here. This course has been evaluated by The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT?) with a recommendation of 3 credits, lower division, in leadership. Successful completion for the ACE CREDIT? designation is based on student performance on a final cumulative exam. The final exam is composed of 40 multiple-choice questions. Students will have 1.5 hours to complete the exam. The exam is proctored. For more information, please see the syllabus. If students do not earn a passing score of 70% on their first attempt, they will have the opportunity to take the exam 1 additional time (2 total attempts). Students must wait 24 hours between exam retakes. A passing score of 70% of above is required to request college credit for this certificate.

Courses include:

  • Body Language for Leaders
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Leaders and Work-Life Balance
  • Leadership Final Exam (ACE CREDIT®)
  • Leadership Introduction Course (ACE CREDIT®)
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Leading Teams

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