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In the fifth course of the Certificate in Online Teaching, Criteria for Evaluating Educational Technology, you will learn how to evaluate educational technology. Technology can amplify ability. Educational Technology is meant to be a tool for amplifying human ability and cognition. It is not a silver bullet solution for instructional challenges, but rather, one of many tools that can enhance comprehension and retention when thoughtfully applied to specific learning situations. Educational technologies and online learning are not new, but are the latest tools used for the purposes of teaching and learning. Keep in mind that not all students have consistently reliable Internet access. Even with technological tools at your fingertips, you may need to differentiate your instruction for learners who have limited internet access.

Learn how to:

  • Evaluate technology
  • Identify the challenges to creating and sustaining effective classroom technology
  • Evaluate learning goals and objectives
  • Understand the framework for online engagement

This course focuses on evaluating potential adoption of new teaching technology tools. Keep the following questions in mind as you consider Education Technology tools. 


  • Will it allow learners to do something they could not do before?
  • Will it amplify the learners current ability to do something?
  • Will it facilitate learning (Is there research to support increased learning and/or academic performance?)
  • Will it allow learners to practice SEL skills?
  • Will it promote diversity, access, and inclusion?
  • Will it engage beyond the novelty phase?


  • Is this technology a good fit for the learner audience? (Is it developmentally appropriate, will they be able to use it?)
  • Does the tech support the knowledge content being covered?
  • Does the tech support the pedagogy?


  • Does this new technology open up the teacher or institution to risk of exposing learners to unwanted influences, adult content, strangers etc.?
  • Are there hidden paywalls beyond the initial purchase or free download?


  • Will learners adopt it?
  • Is it interesting or appealing enough to the learners?
  • Will the institution adopt it?
  • Is it cost effective and is the learning curve gentle enough for any colleagues?


  • Is the initial purchase price affordable?
  • Can it be supported once it is adopted? (Tech support, updates, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • If institutional, will faculty learn how to use the new tech and use it in their instruction?
  • Do the learners have access to the support they need to run the tech? (Do they have reliable internet? Do they have a stable, safe environment in which to use the tech?)


  • Do the learners have the self-regulation to use the technology as a learning tool or will it become a portal to distraction?

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Use the basic terminology of online learning
  • Interpret online learning from the perspective of the student learner 
  • Evaluate affordances & constraints of new educational technology for best fit


There are no prerequisites.


This is a self-paced course comprising 4 units of content and activities linked in the left navigation.

  • This course will take approximately 10 hours of concentrated time on task to complete and it is recommended you complete a course each week during your program.
  • It is recommended you complete the units in the order presented for the best learning experience. The course will be available to you for 6 months from your date of enrollment.

Estimated Time of Completion

10 Hours

Access Time

6 Months


1.0 CEUs

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Criteria for Evaluating Educational Technology
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