Course Description

This Virtual Business Creation course is designed for individuals interested in creating and managing a virtual business. It is also a supplemental guide for individuals who may already be engaged in the virtual community and are looking to expand or modify their existing virtual platform. The course is an interactive and educational program designed to offer opportunity identification and practical business development structures and management opportunities. Students will gain a holistic understanding of the benefits of creating and managing a virtual business, the simplicity of creating a virtual company, and the requirements for creating a virtual business. Much like baking a cake, there are ingredients to success; understanding how to combine the elements of a virtual business may yield a much more successful endeavor. This is not a foundational course but rather a practical and hands-on developmental and management course designed for individuals looking for practical advice on modifying or creating a virtual business. This course would substantially benefit those interested in entrepreneurial activity in conjunction with an additional academic understanding of business development.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the different types of virtual organizations
  2. Explain the process for virtual business development
  3. Develop a virtual business model
  4. Examine the tools that help in business development
  5. Examine market trends and opportunities


There are no prerequisites.


No course text or materials required.

Estimated Time of Completion

2.0 Hours

Access Time

30 Days

CEU / PDU Outcomes

0.2 CEUs | 2.0 HRCIs

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Creating and Managing a Virtual Business
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