Course Description

This course is focused on the development of key skills needed in leading virtual teams to support the success of virtual organizations. Through multimedia and interactive exercises you will be introduced to concepts associated with leadership and team dynamics and how they can be more challenging in a virtual environment. Through this course, experienced professionals and entry-level candidates will begin to build knowledge in diverse areas such as characteristics of virtual teams, effective leadership styles for virtual teams, authentic leadership, virtual coaching, and challenges and best practices in each of these areas. This course serves as an effective foundation to build upon as you continue developing skills through professional development.

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine the characteristics of virtual teams
  2. leadership styles appropriate for leading virtual teams
  3. Explain the value of authentic leadership
  4. Describe virtual coaching


There are no prerequisites.


No course text or materials required.

Estimated Time of Completion

2.0 Hours

Access Time

30 Days


0.2 CEUs | 2.0 HRCIs

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Leading Virtual Teams
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